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These guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! This is the first home I ever bought. They were super helpful!!!
Here are some of the key points:

1. I called and requested a same day appointment, if possible. They obliged!!!
2. The appointment was for 5pm. They got there not at 5ish but 4:50pm and start looking from outside. Which was excellent.
3. They are soooo thorough that the contractor I bought the house from was blown away. His exact comments, "I dont know how much you paid for there service, but every penny is worth. I have never seen anyone so detailed." And the contractor is in business for 30 years.
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Inspected an older home on which I had made an offer to buy.Member Comments: I hired this firm based on Angie's List recommendations. Mr. Mahurter's walk through and report was meticulous. He pointed out many things that I hadn't noticed such as the lack of electrical outlets in several rooms, and possible problems with the foundation that ultimately turned out to be acceptable. He had to make two visits, because part of the crawl space was blocked by some particle board, and had to be removed by the owner. The second visit accounts for the higher price. I was able to use his report as the basis for negotiating some remediations prior to closing, so I got all my money back.
Overall, I thought his price was a little high, but considering the age of the house (over 100 years old) I felt I needed the best inspector available, and Joe Mahurter was that person. I would hire him again..
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Inspected Townhome in detail and tested mold.Member Comments: Very professional and extremely detail oriented. Tested every outlet and appliances/equipment. Spent a lot of time in the attic and reviewing roof condition. I would highly recommend them! They are great.
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I contacted DM Home Inspections after reading reports on Angie's List submitted by other clients. I was very pleased with their professionalish; promptness at site; response to my original query. They were so thorough doing their Inspection that the homeowners there were impressed themselves.

I would definitley recommen DM to anyone who needs a home inspection in the NJ area. Great team!
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DM Home Inspections performed a home inspection for a property we were considering buying. The team showed up on time (actually a little before us). They inspected the property thoroughly, and gave a detailed report. Everything was done very professionally
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